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Tips & Tricks for Moving with Kids

moving house with kids
Guest article by Kent Removals & Storage

Moving house can be quite an intense and often stressful experience—moving house with children adds to the degree of difficulty. So, in order to make the move easy, on both you and your kids, use these tips to create the kind of environment that takes into account the needs of your little ones.

Consider the Date and Timing

It’s a good idea to try and involve your children in the move as much as possible, but if your child is under the age of about 13, there isn’t much they can do. They can pack boxes but it really is up to you to get them, and their things, to the new destination. To keep them focused and helpful make sure the date of your move doesn’t coincide with any exciting events like birthdays or sporting days.

Allow Extra Time for Packing

You will need to increase the time you devote to the move, particularly when it comes to packing, depending on how many children you have. As a rule of thumb, double the time you expect packing to take for each child that you have!

When you’re going through the kid’s toys and clothes it’s not a good idea to involve them in every decision as to what stays and what goes. It will take even longer, and chances are you know what their favourites toys are anyway. The rest can be sneakily tucked away in the ‘go’ bin and you won’t have to deal with any tantrums.

To make packing a little easier (particularly with kids in tow), you can also follow these great moving house packing tips.

Maintain Consistency

Kids love consistency. So while you’re packing and moving try and keep their routine as similar as possible. Try and plan the move around their routines, so they don’t miss too many days of school or any extra-curricular activities. A tantrum on move day could throw the whole move into jeopardy, so don’t add fuel to the fire by making them miss a play date or basketball.

Be Flexible

Moving day isn’t a day to be strict. If the kids are doing a few minor silly things, let them get away with it and focus on the bigger picture.

Rely on Friends and Family

In the lead up to your move, if you get an offer of a babysitter, then take it. Even if it’s just for a portion of the day, you’ll be amazed at how much more you can get done while your little ones are being looked after.

Familarise Kids with Their New Home

Kids thrive on familiarity. So, if you can, visit not only your new home, but the local area before your big move. It will make the transition a little easier for your kids if they’re already seen their new house, their new school, and played in the closest playground. This is particularly important if you’re moving interstate, or even moving internationally, and your kids do not know the new area at all.

Give Them Responsibility

As mentioned above keeping your kids involved is a great way to get your kids on the same page. Giving them responsibility over tasks, no matter how minor they are, will keep them busy and allow you some free time to take care of the bigger picture.

When handing out the jobs just make sure you don’t give them anything that will create more work. Instead of asking them to pack up the crockery or take down the curtains ask them to pack up their toys or sort their t-shirts from their shorts.

If you follow these tips, you and your kids can enjoy a smooth move and avoid all the tantrums and tears that come with a moving day gone wrong.
moving house with kids