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Top Tips - Declutter and Leave the Bare Essentials

Property Presentation
Long periods on the markets are counter-productive to an optimum result, according to Realmark managing director John Percudani. "Ideally, you don't want to have your property on the market beyond the optimised 30-day market period," he said. "This is the time when property attracts the greatest interest".

In this market, Mr Percudani said sellers needed to engage an agent that truly understood how to provide the effective combination of five selling essentials; sales method, marketing, pricing strategy, presentation and buyer feedback reporting. These may seem fairly straightforward, but Mr Percudani said presentation in particular was often misunderstood. It was not just about mowing the lawn, cleaning the kitchen and dusting the skirting boards. "The fundamental part of presenting your home is to make it your buyer's home, not yours," he said. "A blank canvas is what you're aiming for; it opens up the home to more potential buyers. The bottom line is, the more potential buyers, the more engagement, the better your offers; you need potential buyers to become emotionally engaged with your home so they want to make it their next home."

Mr Percudani recommended taking down family photos, de-cluttering everything and leaving the bare essentials. "You're aiming for display home with lived-in warmth," he said. "You want people to dream, dream of living in this space, of creating their home and all the potential that stretches out in front of them. You don't want them walking into your life and judging whether that's their lifestyle or not because then you'll be narrowing your potential buyers down to people who are only in the same walk of life as you."

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Mr Percudani said depending on how much you have accumulated and your style of living, you might want to hire a storage unit or fill up the garage. "Certainly look at modern interior design photos and see what a beautiful blank slate looks like," he said. "If all else fails, hire a stylist who will get straight to the point and are able to bring in hire furniture to create a modern dream."
Property Presentation