4 key traits of effective strata management

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Sandy Papalia has decades of experience in strata management and heads the team at Realmark Strata.

She points out that having a third party strata manager is advantageous on number of levels. Benefits include having someone with current knowledge of the law and honed administrative skills, dedication to the job and emotionally removed.

4 key traits of effective strata management include:

  1. Expert team

  2. Liaising with developers

  3. Maintenance

  4. Planning and solutions

Expert team

Having an expert team ensures that by-laws are known and adhered to, issues are addressed promptly, maintenance is systematically upheld, solutions are offered through experience and administration is performed to the letter.

“My team are highly trained and have a wealth of experience in each element of strata. We happily bring all of this expertise to every property we manage, from big to small”, Sandy says.

The team are proactive and involved in ongoing traing programs, industry knowledge sharing and continued professional development and education.

They have a thorough understanding on the many challenges facing those who reside work or play in strata communities and the need for improving this fast growing industry -

“The team members have a wide range of skills we bring to every project we are involved with. We are passionate about strata, as opposed to simply living in the building.”

Liaising with developers

Realmark can work with developers from the outset with advice and knowledge of by-laws to ensure minimal disruption to future tenants.

With their extensive experience in strata management, the Realmark Team have been involved with every type of building management. Through training and education they keep abreast of developments in strata law, as well as following their own professional interests in the field.

Before construction of a strata property, the Team is able to troubleshoot, future forecast, give best practises and professional advice on the running of a multitude of properties.

“Developers can sometimes be unaware of what will and won’t work in practise. Being on the ground gives us insight and expertise to pass on regarding everything from housekeeping through to design”, Sandy says.


Maintenance is such an important ongoing requirement, Sandy explains. “It can make the difference not only to communal happiness, but ultimately the value retention of a property”.

Maintenance is a never-ending job which has to be approached with vigour, diligence and competency. It is important for the person who is entrusted with this duty to understand the by-laws so that they can apply them to protect common areas as part of owners' assets and investment.

Letting your common areas degrade lowers the overall value, and thus resale, of everyone’s property.

Sandy points out that it is a big job and one which requires someone to be onsite. “It shouldn’t be done remotely. It’s like a property manager, you need regular onsite inspections coupled with ongoing upkeep and reporting”.

Planning and solutions

Once the strata and by-laws are established it is important that planning and solutions are available.

Planning for future works is essential for all buildings to stay contemporary. The services and facilities they offer need to be up-to-date so that they stay commercially viable.

Strata managers can keep Councils abreast of developments, commercial expectations and forecast what may be relevant to a building.

Strata managers should also be able to offer solutions where needed. Common areas all differ in size, use - and needs of the residents. A good strata manager can offer explanations, solutions and arbitration, as required.

Are you in need of a strata manager?

Realmark can help you.

With more than a quarter century of working with Western Australians, we don’t just understand strata management, we live and breathe it. If you own property in a strata complex and are looking for a proficient Strata Manager who understands the importance of protecting the value of your asset, we’d love to hear from you. Talk to us now.
Welcome to Realmark Strata