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Auctions, Part Four - A Game Changer.

Game changer Livebid
Sound a little daunting to be selling your property and not be out there as part of the action? Or what about if you love the property but the date doesn’t work for you?

Realmark, the premier auction house in WA, have created a revolutionary new innovation to ease all these worries and more.

Livebid is an online platform that enables buyers and sellers to see live bids throughout the auction and select up to 10 different currencies in the process.

Realmark has recognised that buyers and sellers are more tech-savvy than ever and want to be more engaged, so they created Livebid which broadcasts auctions in real time. It allows people from all over the world to observe the auction, and most importantly those involved in the process.

The process essentially means sellers behind the scenes can see the speed in which bids are coming in at and in what increments, they are then fully informed on how they wish to proceed when the time comes to go on the market and officially sell. It also allows buyers to be at any location and what the bidding unfold before their eyes from their device.
Game changer Livebid