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Auction Top Tips.

Auction top tips
Sellers Tips.
We caught up with Realmark Managing Director, John Percudani to get his Top Tips for auctions and find out more about the digitising of auctions with Livebid.

Livebid is designed to empower sellers. It allows you to see the size and frequency of the bids, which is the information you need to make a final decision as to whether you’re happy with the result.

Mr. Percudani tips for Sellers are:

• Watch and listen to the bidding.
• Know how many buyers there are.
• Look at the size of the bids.
• Look at the frequency of the bids.

These points will tell you the attractiveness of your property, your Buyers mindset and how much money “is in the pot”. Livebid lends transparency to the final figure as you will be able to understand how the auction went.

Buyers Tips.
Livebid allows you to have the auction in the palm of your hand in real time. Just simply watch and feel empowered to bid with conviction.

Mr. Percudani tips for Buyers are:

• Don’t be a secret bidder, introduce yourself to the Agent and Auctioneer.
• Make sure you’re in the line of sight of the Auctioneer and other bidders.
• Start bidding early so that you get comfortable.
• Don’t wait for other people, get in there and have some fun.
• Bid with clarity and confidence.

“Strong body language and a clear voice can go a long way in telling the group you’re there to win and you’re not backing off. That can make the difference between getting the property or not,” advised Mr. Percudani.

Looking to sell your next property at auction with Livebid? Ask your Realmark Agent today. It will be your best move.
Auction top tips