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How to Find the Perfect Removalist

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Guest article by Kent Removals & Storage

Finding the perfect removal company is a good way to guarantee yourself a perfect move, but doing so isn’t always that simple. With all the choices out there you need a foolproof selection method that you can trust — a method like the one below.

Licenses and Accreditation

When looking for a removalist always ask to see proof of appropriate licenses and accreditation, which are proof that the company has been checked and ticked off by a trusted third-party. Ask to see AFRA, FIDI, FAIM and ISO industry accreditations.

Training and Experience

A professional removal company will hire experienced employees and be willing to invest in them by providing them with up-to-date training. Good removalists will be fitted out with clean uniforms and arrive in moving trucks with company logos. They will follow set company standards and be rigorous in their attention to detail during the packing, the uplift and the drop-off.

Customer Reviews

The perfect removalist will have an extensive catalogue of positive customer reviews. You can look at popular online reviews sites such as Google+, WOMO and Product Review to find out how your removal company has performed in the past.

Free Quotes and In-Home Visits

A seamless move requires an exact understanding of the volume of the move. The perfect removal company will be willing to provide a free in-home visit and an accurate quote.

Appropriate Insurances

Asking for evidence of insurances is vital when you’re searching for the perfect moving company. The provision of Workers Compensation and Public Liability Insurance shows that they care about their workers, their customers and the general public.

Additional Services

If your removal company is able to offer more than just a pick-up and drop-off you’re on to a winner. The offer of additional services such as packing services, pet transportation and vehicle relocation and cleaning services gives you the freedom to do as much, or as little, as you like during your relocation.

Insurance Options that Work for You

Don’t underestimate the importance of insurance during a relocation. Even perfect removal companies suffer accidents and setbacks at times and you need to make sure that your removal company can provide you with insurance that will keep you covered in all situations.

Is There a Storage Option?

Performing removals can be tricky; the success of the removal comes down to a lot of, often uncontrollable, factors. In the event of a delay or setbacks you want to make sure that your removal company has access to a secure, high-quality storage facility.

Ask About Payment Options

If you come across a removal company that only accepts cash payments you should absolutely look elsewhere. Professional companies will be willing to accept all forms of payments. This shows that they are operating legally and are willing to provide paper evidence of all transactions.

Cancellation Policy

Never accept a quote until you’ve asked about the cancellation policy. The perfect removalist will understand that things change and will be more than happy to provide you with a fair and reasonable cancellation policy.
moving house