Our True Blue Volunteers Stepped Up for MSWA

True Blue Volunteers & Step Up for MSWA
It was a brisk 10 degrees when our True Blue Volunteers made their way into the city on Sunday 18th June to assist at the Step Up for MSWA challenge. This event had over 800 participants climbing the 1,103 steps to the top of Central Park, whilst raising money for thousands of Western Australians living with neurological conditions.

Events of this size cannot be managed, run smoothly and safely without the assistance of volunteers. Our True Blue team were allocated tasks from managing the refreshment & fruit station, assisting with bib collection at the registration desk, stair marshaling and general on the ground assistance where needed.

Nicole Hazell said she found the event empowering, she also said it was rewarding to help such a great organisation. Jessica Callaghan was eager to assist at this event as she has a close friend who suffers from MS so this project was close to her heart. She also said it really made you appreciate your own health a lot more.

“Volunteering at this event has motivated and inspired me to do more, you don’t realise you have your health by your side until you participant in an event like this”

Thank you to those who volunteered their time for this cause, we look forward to welcoming more True Blue Volunteers for future projects. If you would like to be involved with our True Blue Volunteers please email truebluevolunteers@realmark.com.au
True Blue Volunteers & Step Up for MSWA