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Part two - Property Cycles and knowing what to look for/indicators.

The property life cycle is around 5-10 years, with many highs and lows.

However, within those cycles, we can see many micro-surges. If you are astute, you ride out these micro-surges and see the investment through to your long-term goal.

Factors behind the micro-surges are:
• Supply responding to demand
• Access to finance
• The abundance of data
• The increase in focus on property and participation

John Perucudani, Realmark Managing Director encourages investors not to get alarmed by the micro-market shifts; instead focus on the long-term capital growth, rather than just rental returns, and analyse the cycle for optimal entry and exit points.

“This is a good entry time in the market. Don’t compete with the crowd, stay ahead of the curve instead”, recommends John.

“I would like to see local people catching this opportunity rather than realising it too late, as has happened in the past."

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