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Realmark Agent Gives Away $10,000 Holiday Voucher.

Holiday voucher Paul John
Realmark is a company that likes to give back — whether it be to charities they support or to clients who support them.

Realmark Urban agent Paul Tonich took a different approach to thank his past and present clients last week by offering them the chance to go into a $10,000 Holiday Prize Draw.

Any client who had ever previously bought or sold with Paul in the last 20 years just had to contact Paul and put their name on the list to enter the competition, they were then assigned a number and added into a prize bowl.

More than 600 clients entered the competition, Paul collated all of the entrants and drew out the lucky prize winner — Paul Matthews.

Mr Matthews had bought and sold houses in Hamersley with Paul 17 years ago and couldn’t believe his luck.

“All he could say when I told him he’d won was ‘but I never win anything’,” Paul Tonich remarked.

“He is originally from the UK so he might use this travel voucher towards a trip back to the motherland.”

“This competition was really all about thanking my clientele for putting their trust in me.”

At one stage or another in the past 20 years, they had to pick an agent to sell their property or had to trust me through the process of buying a house and people might not think it is important, but for us, that trust is a huge reflection of how we come across in the marketplace.

“Some people in the competition had only met me once in the past 20 years and many people have used me multiple times, it was great to see so many people want to be part of the prize draw.”

Now all that is left to do is for Mr Matthews to start planning his dream holiday.

Group Managing Director, John Percudani said, “The Realmark brand has always been focused on putting the client first, this was a great initiative to reward clients who put the trust of selling their biggest asset in our hands, it’s not an easy decision to pick an agent in today's market, but I think this shows the strength of the relationship that Realmark agents have. 17 years later the agent and client still have a solid relationship.”

Mr Matthews has yet to pick his holiday destination but will be taking to the skies soon.
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Holiday voucher Paul John