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About Me

Hello, I’m Chris Pham.

I bring a new, innovative skillset to the real estate industry, which saw me selling 24 properties in my first 12 months.

I’m confident you can benefit from my fresh approach. Here are 4 very good reasons why.

Digital marketing & technology
Today, digital marketing and technology play a key part in achieving a premium sales result. Prior to my career in real estate, I owned an IT company for 10 years - so I have an in-depth understanding of the digital landscape including online advertising and database management and communication. This gives you a huge competitive advantage when selling as your property is exposed to more potential buyers than a traditional real estate marketer can achieve. By attracting more buyers, we can create more competition for your property and therefore achieve the best possible result.

Construction & design
Having run my own luxury home construction company where I was director of marketing and design, I have a very clever eye for design and know exactly what it takes to stage a property to sell. An example is when I took over a property that was on the market for 3 months with another agent. I re-vamped the property and marketing strategy and sold it within 5 days at a price that the seller was very happy with. My holistic advice and approach can help reduce your property’s days on market by maximising our marketing efforts.

Unmatched service & communication
I have worked in business for over 18 years and for the most part have run my own companies. This means I’m used to working hard, working smart, and being on call 24/7. I have an “if I’m awake, I take calls” mentality, which means buyers receive immediate responses about your property, eliminating all barriers of entry when it comes time to making an offer. This also means you receive a superior, highly communicative service which eases some of the stresses you may experience when selling – everything I know, you will know shortly after.

Finally, my experience in business has taught me excellent negotiation skills. We’ve put every effort into marketing your property and now it’s time to make it count. Once you receive all offers, you can rest assured that every effort has been made to bring you the best offer there is in the market.

Do you have any unanswered questions about what I can do for your property? Please get in touch!

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