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Silvana Macri wrote: Alecia has an incredible attention to detail and we trust her ability with utmost confidence to manage our properties.
Jane Price wrote: A pleasure to work with ! Alecia is very dependable, always quick to return emails, calls and follow through on things she says she’ll do. Alecia was extremely helpful through the application process and very accommodating of my availability due to working FIFO. An added bonus is that she really approachable and no request has been too much trouble. Alecia is easy to deal with and I have no doubt that service will continue throughout my tenancy.
Lorraine Howlett wrote: From the first evening of inspecting the property that we are currently leasing, Alecia has been highly professional, friendly and very accommodating in terms of listening to any issues that we may have had or questions that we have asked. Issues that have been brought to her attention have indeed been dealt with promptly and as soon as she was able. It should also be noted that the maintenance guys that she has sent out have also been very friendly, competent and good representatives of the various companies. We look forward to continually dealing with Alecia throughout our tenancy.
Leigh Almond wrote: We hope that Alecia continues to look after our property. She has been the nicest estate / lettings agent we have come across in Perth so far.
Rebekah Tripolitano wrote: Alecia has been so helpful to our dealings with Realmark. She has attended to renting out our property promptly and taken care of the important issues as they have come up. Thanks Alecia for all of your hard work. I look forward to dealing with you in the next year.

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