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Renting a strata property

Renting a strata property
If you have a strata-titled (body corporate) property then you need to be aware of specific regulations that apply to you. Just some examples of strata-titled property include:

  • Units

  • Apartments

  • Townhouses

  • Duplexes

  • For more information about renting strata property in Perth, please talk to our strata team.

    Common Property

    Areas assigned for communal use are known as common property.

    There are standard by-laws relating to common property you need to be aware of. Some of the important ones include:

  • Transporting furniture – ask permission from the strata or corporate body before parking a vehicle for the purpose of removing furniture.

  • Gardens – a common area cannot be used to plant or maintain your own garden or vegetable patch.

  • Obstructing use – do not obstruct a person’s lawful use of common property.

  • Children – children under you control are not permitted to play in common areas, or areas dangerous to children (such as rubbish bins).

  • Parking

  • Only use parking bays assigned to you.

  • Visitors may park in your bay too.

  • In some cases, there will be bays available for visitors.

  • You and your guests must never park in another resident’s bay.

  • Noise & Disturbance

    Under the by-laws of the complex, the following acts are not permitted:

  • Excessive noise or offensive behavior that causes a nuisance or disturbance to other occupants.

  • Disposing rubbish, dirt or other material in an area that is common property.

  • Nudity.

  • Visitors

    It is your responsibility to ensure your visitors obey by-laws. This includes:

  • Following parking regulations.

  • Behaving appropriately in common property areas.

  • Ensuring visitors do not disturb other residents with noise.
Renting a strata property